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Child and youth health coordination service

Cay-C service to end - limited service from 1 October 2018 (Waikato)

Waikato DHB has exited the child and youth coordination services (Cay-C) contract, effective 17 December 2018. Due to staff changes both before and after the DHB decision we have limited service operating. Pinnacle MHN is disappointed at the loss of these services and understand it will impact our general practices, children and families. 

Midwives, family doctors and well child/tamariki ora providers continue to provide their services in the same way. 

National Immunisation Register (NIR)

Your child will be automatically enrolled on this national register which records the immunisations of all New Zealand children for use by health professionals. It also ensures essential vaccines are given at the right time for best protection against a range of serious illnesses. 

Community Oral Health

Your child will be automatically enrolled with the Community Oral Health. FREE dental care is available for your child from birth to 18 years. For more information call 0800 Talk Teeth (0800 825 583) or visit www.waikatodhb.health.nz/oralhealth.

Child and youth coordination service (CaY-C) & NCHIP 

Your child will be automatically enrolled in this service. This information is stored on a system called the National Child Health Information Platform (NCHIP).

For more information 

For more information contact 0800 192 192 or view provider and parent/caregiver brochures.