Child and Youth Health Coordination Service

Welcome to the Child and Youth Health Coordination Service

Our goal is to keep all children in our community healthy.

The Child and Youth Health Coordination Service (CaY-C) is all about making a positive difference to the lives of all children by connecting the right people together from the outset.  Together, we will make sure children get the health advice and support they are entitled to and that no child falls through the cracks.

The CaY-C service works with parents, caregivers and health providers to ensure children access the right health providers and receive all of their checks on time.  These checks include birth checks, well child/tamariki ora checks, immunisations, dental checks, vision and hearing checks, and the B4School check.

Midwives, family doctors and well child/tamariki ora providers continue to provide their services in the same way, but if a child passes their due date for a check, we help everyone involved to get them back on track. 

View an electronic copy of the provider and parent/caregiver brochures for more information.