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Our goal is to get you the right care as early as possible. 

To do this we offer you a range of services from a wide range of health professionals who work together from our rooms and in the community.

Access your health records online:

You now have access to your health records online 24 hours a day using myindici. It is FREE to register and use the service.

You can register at the medical centre.  All you need to do is bring some identification and have your personal email address handy.

If you have registered for online access to your health records, but need a refresher to get the best use out of this service, please come into the medical centre any time during opening hours and one of our staff will be able to help you.

Choose how you contact us:

We know you like options, so you now have the choice to get health advice and some support from us, in the comfort of your own home, at work, on holiday, anywhere!

You can ask to book a phone consultation with your doctor for half the price of a face-to-face consultation. (Note: this is only suitable for instances where the doctor does not need to examine you, and can not be used for WINZ or ACC forms).

You can email your doctor FREE using myindici.

Face-to-face consultations will always be available of course, but an email or phone consultation will save you the time and costs involved in visiting the medical centre.

Phone to book a consultation at a time that suits you.

Order a repeat prescription online:

Use myindici to order your repeat prescription directly from your doctor.

Make your own appointment

You can make your own routine appointment in advance online using myindici. This can't be used if you want an appointment on the same day.

Pre-appointment checks

We do our very best to make the most of your appointment time.

A couple of days before your booked appointment you may receive a telephone call from a nurse to discuss your appointment. You may be asked to have some tests done, for example a blood or urine test, before your visit so that the best information is at hand when you arrive for your appointment.

We might also be able to refer you to another member of the team who can help you, or give you advice over the phone or online to save you a visit to the medical centre (and the cost of an appointment).

You can manage some of your health checks yourself by coming into the medical centre and using the self service kiosk.

You can:

  • Check your blood pressure
  • Check your weight

What happens when you ring the medical centre?

We have a highly experienced team located in Hamilton who manage all the phone calls to the medical centre.

When you ring Tokoroa Medical Centre, our call operator will ask you the purpose of your call to see if your enquiry can be managed over the phone or if they need to direct your call to someone else in the team. This means you may have faster answers to your queries, for example about prescriptions or test results, and the medical centre will be more prepared and have the information they need before your consultation. 

If you need urgent help on the day, your call will be transferred to a doctor or nurse so they can talk to you about your query.  They may be able to help you without the need for you to come in.  You may be told by the call operator that they will send a message to a doctor or nurse, who will ring you back when they have dealt with other calls.

The call operators may also ask you for your address and phone number, this is to ensure we have up-to-date records, as often people move or change their number, and forget to let us know.

Contact with the team is completely secure and you remain in control of your health care journey and can choose how you interact with the medical centre team.

Tokoroa Medical Centre