Immunisation Week 2016

Immunisation is your family's best protection against preventable diseases.  Immunisation Week, which runs from 2-8 May 2016, is a good opportunity to stop and consider the health of your loved ones.  Are you doing all you can to protect them? 

Contact your medical centre to find out more.  

Immunisation Week updates


This year's Immunisation Week theme is 'Protecting baby starts in pregnancy.'  Are you expecting a baby? Talk to your medical centre about getting immunised during pregnancy.  When your baby does arrive, make sure they are immunised on time.  Enrol early with a midwife and medical centre to get the care your child needs. 


Are you pregnant? Get a free flu jab at your Pinnacle medical centre. Here's a story about Tracy in Taranaki

Why should you get immunised? Check out this great Kiwi-made animation


VIDEO: The Kiwi Living show busts myths about the flu and vaccination


Immunise your baby on time, every time.  Make sure your baby gets the immunisations they need, at the time they need them. It's the best protection from some serious diseases.  Here's an insight from a mother who's new born was nearly killed by whooping cough.  


Protecting baby starts in pregnancy

Get immunised while pregnant. It helps protect your baby from the serious effects of whooping cough and influenza. It's free, recommended and has a proven safety record. Talk to your midwife, doctor or nurse.

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