Want to quit smoking?

Your body begins to repair itself as soon as you quit smoking

If you are a smoker, quitting is the most important thing you can do for your health. Did you know that smoking increases your risk of developing cardiovascular disease by four times, with smokers dying on average 14 years earlier than non-smokers? It is never too late to quit!

Four benefits of quitting smoking:

1. Healthy heart

2. Fitness

3. Senses

4. Appearance

Talk to a doctor or nurse at a Pinnacle practice near you.


Here are some resources to help you:


Phone 0800 778 778 if you would like to speak to a Quitline advisor.   Quitline offers free telephone support, resources and low cost nicotine patches, gum and lozenges to New Zealand residents. You can talk to Maori and Pacific advisors should you wish to do so.

Quitline also offer a text message quit smoking service, and online support. These can be accessed via www.quit.org.nz.

Aukati Kai Paipa

Aukati Kai Paipa is a kanohi ki te kanohi service that is delivered locally within most communities. This programme offers Maori and their whanau, the opportunity to address their smoking addiction through a range of services.

Services include free nicotine patches or gum, motivational counseling and ongoing support. Contact details for you local Aukati Kai Paipa service can be found at www.aukatikaipaipa.co.nz

Treatments to quit smoking

For details about the treatments available to help you quit, visit http://ash.dmd.co.nz/treatments-to-quit-smoking/.

Different kinds of nicotine replacement therapy suit different people. Learn more about nicotine patches, lozenges, gum and inhalers in these videos.

Reasons to quit

View an interactive animation about smoking and your body at http://www.quit.org.nz/19/reasons-to-quit/smoking-and-your-body.

Success stories

Read stories about others that have successfully given up smoking at http://www.quit.org.nz/35/success-stories/quit-smoking-stories.

Smoking - Pregnancy and breastfeeding

If you're a smoker and have a baby, the best thing you can do to keep your baby and yourself healthy is try to quit.  Here's some information from the Ministry of Health webpage.

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